Be Healthy. Feel Better.

I was a mom to three little ones, two and a half years old and under. I was exhausted, irritable, struggling with getting to the gym, and my snacking was out of control.

One of my good friends told me about Plexus, but I was skeptical. I had been a world class athlete, and I’d seen plenty of fads come and go, some of them dangerous. I thought that’s all Plexus was- a fad.

After watching my friend and a few others I knew well take Plexus for over a year, they were still raving about it. So, I started to do my own research.

Finally, I decided to jump in with the Plexus Triplex. Within the first month I was sleeping better, waking up refreshed, had energy throughout the day and into the evening, my cravings were going away and my will power and motivation began to return!

I began to get back into the gym, I was eating better, drinking more water, the weight began to come off slowly and I felt So. Much. Better.

Plexus Ease

In fact, this is what led me back to the water. After about six months on Plexus, I was feeling better than I had in years. I had promised myself when I was pregnant with my third child, that when I lost the baby weight, I would get back on the boards and play. Thanks to Plexus, that day came.

Once I started playing around in the pool, I discovered that dives were coming back easier than I had expected. After a few months of playing around once a week, I decided to push myself and see if my body could still hold up on platform.

When I retired from diving in 2008, I honestly thought I would never be able to dive from 10 meter again. I just didn’t think my body would be able to handle it any longer. But thanks to Plexus Ease, my body doesn’t have the same discomfort it did toward the end of my career. I’m able to handle more now than I thought I could. I’m able to push myself farther than I thought possible at my age.

Here I am, 9 years after retirement, back for more.

Plexus Products

Not only has Plexus helped my body feel the best it has in years, but it’s also supporting my training. Because Plexus has proven products, a unique compensation plan and tons of training and support, my husband and I have been able to make an income helping others feel great, too!