Super Shy, The Greatest Shy Kid Sidekick

I was already pretty impressed with Zoe’s speech teachers, but now I stand in complete awe at their brilliance. Not only are they helping her speak more clearly, they are instilling confidence and courage in my daughter and equipping her with tools to handle the tough situations.

My little peanut may have a spicy side to her, but in public, in front of new people and large groups, she is very shy. She has been since the beginning. When we first met Zoe she was terrified of us. You can see for yourself in this video of the first time we met her. Every time Zoe got the slightest bit overwhelmed in those early days, she would get this sort of glazed over, zoned-out look on her face. She also started picking at her top lip. It was her way of coping with all the stress, changes and fear she was experiencing.

Every time she got the slightest bit overwhelmed in those early days, she would get this sort of glazed over, zoned-out look on her face. This is an example from the first day we met her.

As she came home and found comfort and love, she has grown out of this look. But she can still be painfully shy outside of our house and family. I remember watching her at the beginning of preschool last year almost in tears for her. She would cry most of the time I dropped her off, then she would stand by herself a lot. I think there were many days where she didn’t say a single word all day at school.

Thankfully she had wonderful teachers who talked to me, worked with her and would get so excited and cheer her on when she did say something.

With Zoe having microtia of her left ear, she has no ear canal and cannot hear on that side. Since she only has one functioning ear and that good ear has had to have a couple of tubes due to fluid build up, her speech fell a little behind. I’m sure all of this plays into her shyness.

So we started speech classes twice a week last fall, and I have seen quite the transformation in my peanut! Zoe is becoming more confident, others can understand her now and she’s even made friends at school!

However, one of Zoe’s strongest traits is that she is determined… or maybe stubborn… or perhaps tenacious. When she sets her mind on something, there is no stopping her- whether it’s figuring out how to write her name or getting a toy back from her little brother. It’s not always pretty and can end in lots of tears and tantrums because the girl just doesn’t quit, good or bad. I know one day this will be an amazing character trait that will serve her well, but sometimes these days it’s a bit self-defeating.

Here’s where shyness becomes a big factor.

Zoe will sometimes flat out tell me in the car on the way somewhere that she is going to be shy. And by golly, that girl has made up her mind and no matter what happens, she will refuse to talk. In fact, even if she warms up and wants to participate, she sticks to her guns because she already said she was going to be shy.

This is where the brilliance of her speech teachers comes into play. Even though she knows them really well now and likes them a lot, some days she’ll still be shy and a bit difficult. So they created something special to help her get through this. Allow me to introduce you to Zoe’s new sidekick, Super Shy.

Super Shy is a super hero that’s shy. But even when she is feeling shy, Super Shy knows that there are certain things she can still say. She can introduce herself and answer some questions.

Ya’ll, I know this sounds so simple, but it has become a GAME CHANGER for Zoe! She wore Super Shy around her neck for several days straight. She wore her to church and to school, proud as could be! Now when Zoe gets shy, we just have to remind her that just like Super Shy, there are still things that Zoe can say. And a switch just flips and she opens right up!

Zoe may always be more of the quiet and shy type in a new situation, but now she has some tools to help her get through it and become more comfortable. This mommy right here is Super Happy! Maybe Super Shy could help your shy child, too!

  • Erin
    Posted at 02:07h, 25 October Reply

    My son has RMA and my sister-in-law told me about your blog! It’s so amazing to see you using your platform to raise awareness!

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