Dreams of Dakaia

Kids see things from a different perspective than adults. They have absolute, unwavering faith when ours falls short. I love that my kids are constantly challenging me to look at things differently and trust God deeply in all that I do.

This girl. She is brave and strong. She is a natural leader. And she loves so very big. Compassion and concern for others is possibly her greatest gift.

This morning Arella told me that she dreamed of Dakaia (her little sister we’re waiting to adopt from Ethiopia). Very excited, she told me that in her dream, Dakaia was home. Arella said she was sitting right next to her at the kitchen table and she had given Dakaia her chair to sit in. She beamed as she told me this.

I asked her what Dakaia looked like. “Jesus,” she said in all seriousness. “What does Jesus look like?” I asked. “Dakaia,” Arella said smiling.

Indeed. Join us in continuing to pray for Dakaia, that God would keep her safe and healthy during this traumatic transition into adoption. Pray that her caretakers would breathe love into her life. And please pray that Arella’s dream be realized, that when people see Dakaia, they see Jesus in her.

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