Why Being a Mom Shouldn’t Be Called a Job

Maybe some of you have never referred to being mom as a job. But I hear it a lot. I may have even said it a few times to validate just how all encompassing being a mom can be and feel.

Cardstore even created a pretty powerful video called The World’s Toughest Job. In honor of Mother’s Day last year, they created a fake job, posted it online and in newspapers, and then held real interviews. It’s had nearly 25 million views. If you haven’t seen it, here it is below.

I get it. I really do. I live it everyday, all day. It is hard and all consuming. I’m not arguing with that. But here is why being a mom shouldn’t be called a job.

In a job, you can fire people that aren’t holding up to standards or that have royally screwed up. You can quit a job if you’re not happy with something about it. You can take a new job that offers more benefits. You are committed to your job as long as it’s giving you what you need.

But a mom can’t just fire a kid that is under performing. She can’t just send him packing because he doesn’t hold up to ideals or standard milestones or the approval of others. Nor can a mom be fired because she messed up or failed.

A mom can’t just pack up and quit. She can’t just decide the kids are nuts and her conditions are unbearable and walk out.

A mom can’t just drop her kids and husband for a nicer home and things.

A mom has to be committed to her family through thick and thin, for better or worse and in sickness and health. A mom commits for life. When she does that, it fulfills her needs even if her wants go unmet.

I wanted to point this out because I think semantics are important. When you say something many times, it sticks with you subconsciously, making an impression on you when you’re not aware.

In our instant gratification society, commitment to spouses and families is fading away. It’s not uncommon now for moms and dads to just walk away from their families if it’s not meeting their standards or they suddenly decide they just want something else out of life.

When we make a commitment to another person- a spouse or having a child- we need to see it through. Yes it’s hard when things change and get challenging. But it doesn’t mean the answer is to walk away from all of it, give up and start over. These are people we’re talking about, not a house or a car or an accessory that you can just throw away or sell to highest bidder.

“Mom” is a role we play, a distinguished title, an honorable position, an endearing term, a lifelong commitment. It will stretch you out of your comfort zone and push you into tough places. It will run you ragged and leave you breathless. It will hurt and leave scars. But it will also be the most rewarding and fulfilling thing you ever do. Being Mom will grow your heart and give you the most precious moments and memories of your life.


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