How One Crazy Little Idea Is Changing The World

Ideas are always crazy until they become reality.

We have some sweet friends named Dea and Ben that are part of our local Orphan Care Network group where we have community and find support with other adoptive and foster families.

Not too long ago, Dea and Ben shyly shared an idea with us at one of our meetings. They seemed nervous to reveal this idea in front of other people. I get that. It’s one thing to dream with your spouse but to share that to a group of people? What if they think it’s dumb? Or flat out nuts?

I’m pretty sure they were staring at their shoes most of the time, maybe even fidgeting a bit. Then quietly they mentioned how they were thinking about selling fair trade coffee out of a trailer to raise money for orphan care.

Then it was just out there, in the room, floating in the quiet…

Until the rest of us nearly jumped out of our seats with excitement! Orphans, coffee and raising money to help? It just doesn’t get much better than that!

And suddenly it was no longer just an idea, but a plan with hopeful expectation.

Over the summer, they got all of their equipment, supplies and licenses needed to be fully operational. Everything was lined up and ready to go.

But there were still nerves. There were still many “what if” questions being asked with no answers. Worries were still prevalent. Doubts were still real.

But when God gives you one crazy little idea, you run with it no matter how nuts or how impossible it seems.

We are not perfect creatures. We fall short. Every. Single. Day. So we doubt. Even when things looks good, we find something to worry about. And on those occasions that we’re confident and positive things will turn out well, somehow doubt, worry, fear and anxiety still manage to be banging at the door.

So when a crazy little idea sneaks into our heads, we’re almost conditioned to just brush it off as just crazy and not worth more thought or effort.

But God speaks in the still, quiet moments. His ideas are not like our own. His ways are backwards from our ways. He doesn’t think like us. He’s bigger than us. We think like a single violinist while He orchestrates like a conductor that composed the piece we’re trying to play.

He doesn’t pick the team the way we would or charge into battle with armor as we would. He called a young boy with no armor to defeat a giant that an entire army feared. He picked the weakest man from the weakest tribe and called him “mighty warrior.” He caused the walls of an entire city to fall after an army marched around them for seven days.

So when God whispers a crazy little idea to you, listen. Dwell on it. Pray about it. And when the time is right and He says “Go”, you trust His crazy plan and watch Him change the world around you through it.

Yesterday was The Greater Good Coffee Company‘s first day in action. Dea told me she was hoping for 15 customers. I think they may have sold drinks to most of the church by the end of the second service. That’s real money they’re raising to bring children home to forever families. Maybe it won’t change the entire world, but it will change the whole world for one child at a time.

Ideas always sound a little crazy when they’re floating around your head in brainstorm mode. But once that idea takes root and becomes real, it’s not so crazy any more. If you need help figuring out how to turn a crazy idea into a reality, read my series on setting and achieving goals.

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