That Makes 3!

Out of nowhere at breakfast this morning, Arella announced:

“we are gonna have another sister and that makes 3!”

And Zoe chimed right in:

“Dakaia is coming!”

I’m not sure what made them think about their little sister-to-be in the middle of breakfast. Perhaps Cheerios has a hidden inspiration I can’t see, but they got very excited. They counted very carefully on their fingers and told us that now we have 5 in our family but with their little sister we will have 6. “With 3 sisters” was a very important distinction.

We don’t have an exact timeline, but we’re a year into the actual “wait” and steadily moving up the list.

I love that even though we have not been matched with our baby girl yet, the love and excitement is already here, waiting for her. We can’t see her face but she has already wiggled her way into our hearts. I expected this from myself, but I didn’t realize how excited the kids would get, especially at this early stage.

Maybe having one sister is just so awesome, another one should just be even awesomer. They already know how amazing the love of one sister is. I am over-the-moon excited, too, but also quite nervous. How do you balance 4 kids? We’re F.I.N.A.L.L.Y. getting some sleep with 3, I’m sorta terrified of what number 4 is going to bring at night. Probably because Zoe was hardest at night for quite a while, and still is on occasion. That makes day time even harder when everyone is exhausted and at wits end. But maybe Dakaia won’t have that same issue. Maybe she will. I think that’s what makes it hard: the unexpected. But after Zoe told us she was little and all alone, I don’t care how hard it is, no child should be all alone. And honestly, every kid is different- biological or adopted doesn’t matter. They are each unique and have their own set of gifts and challenges.

I guess I’m mostly intimidated to juggle and give enough attention to 4, but it’s possible, right? People have 4 kids all the time, surely we’ll figure this out. Apparently we’re at the stage now where anticipation can get the best of you, and we’ll be here for many months to come.

It looks like the girls will help me stay on the more excited side. I love how they love each other and their baby brother and already their little sister-to-be. Yes they fight, they are kids, but they love so well, look out for each other and long to be together. And I’m starting to see through their eyes that it is indeed an enchanted journey to have siblings!

I hope you’ll continue to walk this crazy, adventurous road with us!

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