How The Not-So-Glamorous Days Can Lead To Stunning Results

We’re in the thick of the crazy-always-moving-unpredictable season of life of having several small children. Perhaps you know it? Sometimes I think it should have a name like If You See Us, Run The Other Way.

Today we had another one of those days, much like this day I wrote about last year.

Everyone woke up happy, muffins were made and demolished, and I even got out of the house in time to make it to the gym. I only had one little guy in tow. Zadok enjoyed his play time while Mommy got her sweat on. And the girls had a special Daddy Date morning. After the gym, we hopped in the car. The sun was out, windows down and life felt perfect.

Then came lunch.

The family rendezvoused at a local cafe. Upon walking in, we discovered that Zadok had one of those appropriately timed diaper bombs. But hey, he’s a baby, it happens. I cleaned him up, and he rocked lunch without pants. No biggie. We’re parent pros now. This ain’t our first rodeo.

Then Zoe made a strange face.

She said her tummy hurt. Daddy rushed her to the restroom but came back rather quickly, saying she didn’t have to go potty. Before I could say anything, the floodgate opened with hardly a sound. And up came everything she had eating for what seemed like the past week.

All over the table. All over Daddy. All over the floor. It just kept coming, and coming and coming.

We cleaned up as best we could, then headed out to the cars covered in vomit. And of course, one little person wasn’t ready to leave, so I had to half-carry, half-drag the screaming, pantless wonder drawing even more attention.

I’ll be honest, as everyone watched us leave, it felt like a walk of shame.

My usually sweet little boy- who happens to be amazingly big and strong for his age– was putting up quite the fight about leaving, and the battle continued in the car. Bound and determined to sit in a big person seat, he pulled out all his best moves.

Right before the battle I thought he was being cute.

It took me a while, but I finally wrestled him into his car seat, quickly pinning him in to get one side buckled before he managed to dive out the other. Quite a few people walked by the car during this fiasco, and I could feel the eyes on my back. I was nearly in tears at this point, sure I must look like some kidnapper abducting this child.

Kids have a way of changing the course of a day faster than you can blink. My problem is that so often I let one episode that probably only lasts a total of 30 minutes dictate how I view the entire day. Because while the incidents may not last long, they are so stressful, completely draining me both physically and emotionally. So at the end of the day, that’s the part I remember.

Then comes the guilt. Mommy guilt is the worst probably because it’s so easy to fall prey to. Since parenthood is a learning-on-the-job type gig, we always question ourselves.

I’m so thankful for experienced moms that take the time to encourage us new moms. If my story sounds familiar or you’ve just had a rough day and need some kind words, here are two great reads to lift you up.

Dear Moms of Littles, This Might Be The Most Important Thing You Do Right Now
by Kristen Welch at We Are THAT Family

why being a mom is enough.
by Rachel Martin at Finding Joy

While these days are certainly not glamorous, we can trust that God is making something beautiful from them. Even when all we can do is hang on. When we persevere, it produces character and that character brings about hope, and hope does not disappoint (Romans 5).

God uses our kids and the crazy not-so-glamorous times to grow us and stretch us into someone greater. When we sit in our comfortable, never changing ways, we simply stay the same. But when we step out of that comfortable place and trust Him with the results, He will refine us. While it doesn’t always feel good in the moments of refinement, He is sanctifying us, making us more beautiful each day, more like Him.

From now on, when I have one of these days, I’m going to remember how God makes diamonds. A very common element is buried in a deep, dark place. An immense amount of pressure and extremely high temperatures are used to change that element into a diamond. Then the diamonds are brought to the surface by a deep volcanic eruption. A rare gemstone, the diamond is chemically resistant and the hardest known natural substance.

We may feel like we’re in the middle of the immense pressure or high temperatures, but that is how we are refined into someone more beautiful. It’s not a glamorous process, but the results are absolutely stunning.

“Weeping may last for the night, But a shout of joy comes in the morning.”

— Psalm 30:5
  • Brandi Chrisenberry
    Posted at 18:03h, 03 June Reply

    Love this! Hope your day will be more ‘end of the diamond’ process and less ‘middle of the diamond’ process.

    • Laura Wilkinson
      Posted at 21:20h, 03 June Reply

      Thanks Brandi, but I think we’re still pretty deep in the high pressure part of the journey, especially if today was any indicator. 🙂 But knowing I have hope of the spectacular end result, I can’t help but smile, even today in the trenches!

  • nell ann
    Posted at 00:45h, 04 June Reply

    You, my sweet friend, are a wonderful mama. You love your kids with strength and passion. You pray for them before you ever see their faces. You are a woman of valor, and your mothering is no exception.

    • Laura Wilkinson
      Posted at 12:08h, 04 June Reply

      You just made another hard day, so much more dazzling. Thank you Nell Ann!

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