Give Your Family A Lasting Gift

In our family, we think making a memory is the best kind of gift. Stuff is fine, but we have a lot of it, we tend to lose interest in it quickly and eventually we no longer have a use for it. But when you make a memory with the people you love, that lasts forever and usually grows more precious with time.

My dad is the Superman type, always trying and succeeding at all kinds of crazy adventures. One of my favorite pursuits of his was sailing because it gave me some amazing family memories.

Back in 1966 my dad built a small sail boat and sailed it for about 3 years before selling it the day he got married. He got his pilot’s license and flew his own plane for many years. Then in 1979 he and my mom took a sunset cruise in Hawaii and his passion for sailing was reborn.

We began to rent sailboats for day time family adventures. Here’s a little video clip of my parents, my brother and me on a rental in Galveston Bay way back in 1989. So please forgive my complete and utter tween dorkiness!

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We enjoyed our little adventures so much that my dad ended up purchasing a 26 foot trailerable MacGregor sailboat. You can see what kind of boat might suit you best with this boat selector tool.

A few times we would go out to Lake Conroe and night sail. It was so peaceful. Not many people were on the water, the wind was blowing steady and we sailed under the moonlight. I feel so relaxed just thinking about it. You can find a place near to you to get on the water, relax and discover boating here.

We also tried our hand at some races. One of those was a particularly memorable event that my parents and I were just laughing about the other day.

This unforgettable race took place in Matagorda Bay which is on the Texas coast of the Gulf of Mexico. 25 sailboats started the race but only 9 finished.

In the middle of the race a huge storm blew in. Blustering 30 mph winds were coming out of the north, and we had to sail directly into it in order to cross the finish line.

The storm was so strong, it was throwing water out of the bay and our center board was dragging along the bottom in places as we crept ever so slowly toward the finish. Bound and determined, my dad held the boat steady even as the incline-o-meter, also known in our family as the Mom-Scream-O-Meter, rose higher and higher until it reached around 50 degrees, which felt like we were almost completely sideways!

As we inched along, desperately trying to hang on to the finish without tipping over, all of the other boats pulled down their sails and motored back into the dock. We were the last ones to eventually cross that finish line, but we did it!

It was a crazy and proud time that we got to experience together. Today that race immediately makes us laugh and has given me exciting stories to share with my own kids as well.

I hope to follow in my parent’s footsteps and give my kids experiences and memories that will live on joyfully in their hearts forever, like those sailing adventures do for me.

If you’re looking for a way to make amazing memories with your loved ones, check out Discover Boating. They have a really cool website that can help you find out what kind of boat is the best fit for you, where you can rent or buy boats, and places near you where you can get out on the water.

Go experience something special together today, and you’ll be giving your family a lasting, lifelong gift.

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