You Might Have a Toddler if…

Toddlers are cute. And RIDICULOUS. So, enjoy.

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My three sillies.

You might have a toddler if…

  • Mealtime looks more like a mashed potato mountain from Close Encounters of the Third Kind than food.
  • You’re ready to go 30 minutes early but you still manage to be late.
  • You’ve had to frequently remind someone that they have to wear pants outside of the house.
  • You’ve pointed and excitedly yelled “FIRETRUCK”, “AIRPLANE”, “TRACTOR” in the car by yourself.
  • You’ve repeated the same statement 37 times in a row.
  • You spontaneously burst into song to catch someone’s attention.
  • Someone is always following you into the bathroom.
  • You have served a specially requested meal only to have it repeatedly denied.
  • You have worn a colorful character band-aid because it’s the only kind in the house.
  • You continually hear reenactments of your day performed by ponies, dragons and other creatures.
  • You’ve been known to explain repeatedly why a person should not get out of bed in the morning until the sun is up.
  • It takes you longer to get buckled into the car than it does to drive to your destination.
  • You have to clean up someone else’s “clean up.”
  • 356 “urgent needs” pop up right after laying down to go to sleep.
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