Dust On My Vacuum

My couch is covered Goldfish crumbs, and I have started to notice the little man picking up hairballs all over the house. I’ve been trying to pretend it’s not that bad, but… it’s getting bad.

I waited until the timing was right- no one was napping or watching tv and everyone was playing happily. This phenomenon only happens about as often as a blue moon, so you have to strike immediately or you will be forced to wait until the next glorious eclipse.

He loves to help, mostly to find old snacks on the floor.

Dashing to the front hall closet, I swung open the door making sure to miss the toddler fast on my heels. Before I could reach the handle, that little man had already pulled off three attachments. But his pacifier was in so I knew he wouldn’t eat them, at least for a few minutes. Breathing a quick sigh of relief I pulled the vacuum out and as I rounded the corner, some sunlight bounced off the top revealing a hefty layer of dust. I stopped in my tracks.

A wave of mommy guilt washed over me.

I knew I had been putting off this chore for far too long but had it really been THIS long?

My mind started reeling. Visions of every other chore I had been busy with flashed before my eyes, my subconscious trying to save me from the choking weight of mommy guilt.

Zoe and Arella reading to each other at the table. You can see the pile they’re about to go through.

During the visions of chores, flashes of a miserable baby that couldn’t sleep and needed to be held came to mind. Saying “yes” to playing imagination with the girls and taking time to look up and watch volcano videos with them came before the dishes. All three kids love books, and we’ve been reading an excessive amount lately. Instead of getting a lot done, I have found myself just sitting and watching the kids play. Even as I’m typing this, I have a kid in my lap helping me type.

Zoe giving her little brother a push around the house.

I will not remember the countless times in my life that I have vacuumed, washed-folded-and-putaway clothes,  picked up toys, wiped down a toilet-mirror-countertop or washed dishes. But I will remember the times I stopped to play, read, listen to a story, dance and watch. These are the moments that fill my heart until it might burst.

Check out this video. Parents are telling new parents and parents-to-be what exactly they should know about having a baby. While it starts out cute and practical, it ends up driving home the most important point.

Extra Space Storage made this parenting advice video called “10 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Having a Baby.”

Let me be clear, the crumbs are still there and they may stay for a while. I kicked my mommy guilt out the door. Excuse me while I grab a flashlight. We’re going on a bear hunt.


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