Zoe’s Thoughts on Adoption

This morning I opened the photos on my phone and put it in guided access mode so the kids could look through the pictures without deleting them or going into another app or program. They love to look at their pictures, even Zadok gets a kick out of them these days.

Today they found some of Mommy and Daddy when we were babies. They thought that was funny. Then there were several of Arella as a baby. Zoe kept asking where her baby pictures were. While Arella was looking hard for them, Zoe suddenly told me this:

“When I was a baby, I was little and all alone.”

I asked her if that was when she was in China, and she nodded. Then I told her, “And we came and got you as soon as we could!” Arella found the first referral pictures we got of Zoe and handed her the phone. Zoe went and sat by herself to look through the pictures. A few minutes later she came walking over to us with a huge smile on her face and showed us these pictures of Zoe and Arella together.

It’s interesting to watch and listen to Zoe process things as she gets older and starts to have a little understanding. But I think what I loved most about this morning, was how much her demeanor changed when she saw pictures of herself with Arella. She just lit up, beaming proudly at the two of them together. They are more than sisters, they are friends… best friends. They will always be sisters, but I pray their friendship be lifelong and deep and always filled with love for each other.

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