An Orphan No More

It’s Orphan Sunday today, a day to call people to action on behalf of the orphans around the globe. It’s a day that makes me think about how much Zoe has grown and changed from an orphan into a daughter, granddaughter, little sister, big sister, friend, fashionista, jumping bean, princess, artist, goofball, helper, flower picker, giggler, and giver of the world’s best hugs.

The day we met her, almost two years ago now, I wrote a little bit on getting to know Zoe. And my-oh-my how she has changed and blossomed. At first she didn’t know how to receive or show affection. When she finally began trying to reciprocate kisses and hugs, I got a lot of head butts and am surprised I never cracked a tooth or broke my nose.

But now she is the snuggliest, most loving little girl. She adores her big sister and is always taking care of her little brother. Zoe has a heart to share and give and serve, even at her young little age of not-quite-three. She is a girlie girl that LOVES to dress up in her Cinderella dress and wear as many necklaces and bracelets as she can find to go with her fancy shoes. If she could, she would jump everywhere instead of walk. She has a style of her own. She’s obsessed with elephants, My Little Ponies and currently the color blue.

A lot of times we hear the word “orphan” and it seems like some distant idea you may have heard about or seen in an infomercial on tv. But orphans are just kids, like yours and mine, that need forever families to love and nurture them, to help them grow up and be all they can be.

Zoe WAS an orphan. Let’s start making that term past tense for more kids out there.

“I always questioned whether I was ready to adopt and then realized no child was ready to be an orphan.” – Unknown

If you want to learn more about Zoe’s adoption, start here.

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